Rongtai & MetalForm China 2023 in Shanghai

2023-07-18 09:11



MetalForm China, the brand exhibition focusing on forging, stamping/pressing and sheet metal/fabricating industry sponsored by CCMI, will be held in Shanghai with the theme of “Intelligence, Innovation”. MetalForm China consists of:

Date: July 19-22 2023

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)




MetalForm China is from ChinaForge Fair and MetalComp established in Beijing by CCMI in 1990, and SheetMetal Form exhibition consist of SheetMetal and MetalFab founded in Shanghai by CCMI in 2004. The first MetalForm China composed of the four expositions was held in Beijing in 2007. The ChinaForge Fair is a unique exhibition in the world and it is a qualified and fullest scale exposition. The exhibition concerning the sheet metal forming (i.e. SheetMetal and MetalFab is one of seven largest and professional exhibitions in global sheet metal forming industry and it is only national and specialized sheet metal forming exposition in China.

Size & Scale

MetalForm China is the fourth exhibition in the global sheet metal forming industry after Euroblech, Fabtech and Lamiera. It is only a well-known and one-step-service exposition concern the forging, pressing/stamping, sheet metal/fabricating, joint & welding and die & tooling in China.  

In order to clearly introduce the exhibits and services, and meet the requirement from exhibitors and visitors, the JointWeld China and Die & Tool China will be founded as two branches of MetalForm China since 2020. Thus, MetalForm China will contain all of equipment and technology (including raw materials) related to forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating producers and machine-builder. The exhibits will cover, such as raw materials, processing, die & tooling, auxiliaries, welding & painting, test & inspection, industrial sensor, robot and automatic system, and as well as the service will be displayed such as the quality control, safety, firm management, informationizing and intelligent. MetalForm China will supply all of what you want, but only you can't imagine.

Every year, it attracts the attention of nearly 300000 enterprises and was well known by hundreds of peoples. In particular, it should be noted that In order to enhance the popularity of and effectively promote the Chinese forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating industry, CCMI started “SepDay” in 2016, and then, the annual large-scale industrial meeting/conference/congress were held in the same place and date as the exhibition. In the future, CCMI will strive to make MetalForm China as a significant industry event, i.e. Industry Festival - "SepDay", the "SepDay" will be not just an industry activity, and it will become a symbol of an industry and a sign of its importance.