• Provide maintenance within 12months after delivery, free of labor costs; The supplier shall provide freetraining to 1-2 furnace operators (maintenance) of the demander, and provide24-hour response service.

  • For Rongtai users, we offerlifetime on-site service and spare parts supply.

  • Rongtai owns the "Rongzhu 805" linemotherboard with independent intellectual property rights, with a lifetimewarranty and free trade-in.

  • Dedicated customer service isprovided for VIP customers, and all business needs are connected in acentralized way.

  • Provide users with perfect andin-place after-sales service free training, covering safe operation ofequipment, emergency maintenance, etc.

  • There are Professional maintenance services and a variety ofmaintenance packages for users to choose from. In order to reduce and eliminatehidden dangers in use and improve the stability of the equipment, visiting the customer siteregularly for collaborative maintenance.


Mr. Wang

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